Business Brokerage

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Business Owners Seeking To Sell ?
We Will Help You Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth
  • We will obtain the highest selling price for your business.

We have a large pool of qualified buyers and the highest closing ratio in the industry.


  • We obtain a 20-40% selling price than the owner could ever obtain on their own.
  • Owners who try to sell their own businesses fail 60% of the time
  • Our proven track record shows that we close 98% of all offers we write at the highest selling price.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality and pre-screen buyers for you so you can focus on your business.

Buyers Seeking To Buy a Business?

  • We provide you with the care of understanding exactly what your buying when looking at a business?
  • Our job starts with knowing who you are, what your seeking and why?
  • Whether our buyers are savvy investors, franchise owners, new business seekers.
  • Our services are to help both parties find the right match at the right price.

What Capital Business Solutions / Better Business Brokers Can Do For You……

Capital Business Solutions maintains a database of over 5,100 national and international equity groups. This population is complimented by the many corporate buyers who maintain constant contact with our M & A Division.

Capital’s team provides over forty years of training and experience necessary to prepare your business for acquisition and a seamless sales transaction. Capital’s senior staff of M&A professionals is well schooled in the art of confidentiality, preparing offering memorandums and all of the transactions, necessary processes and protocols to complete the transaction.

Allow our strategic alliance of professionals, which include CPAs, tax experts, transaction attorneys, and financial planners, to assist in every aspect of the transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, structuring your business to command the highest market resale, creating offering memorandums sought by acquisition experts, and top financial planners structuring the sale to incur the least amount of tax liability possible!

Rene’ Paul Manfre – Manfre and Associates Consulting Services is in Alliance with CBB and BBB . Our services and companies below acts on behalf of contracting and providing services through the team to fulfill Business Services in good faith of all parties.

Please Call Rene’ Paul Manfre (504) 344-3317 for Consultation !!!

Review Our Websites Below for more details on Listings:

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