Consulting Services

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and not know which direction to take?

Are you interested in a team of professionals to help you with answering questions concerning Your Business such as Selling A Business, Buying or Expanding, Evaluating the True Value of a Business. Real Estate Services, Insurance Options, Marketing Ideas, and Business Principles, Without having to pay a large retainer fee?

Our goal is to offer services to help businesses offset the high cost of Labor, Insurances and Marketing Dollars. Manfre and Associates main interest is building relationships with their clients and communities and providing you with any information needed to help you with growing your business and offering solutions to help in the everyday decisions that you may have.

With over 30 years of experience in the business world our team is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together providing  business and marketing solutions that could possibly cut cost and enhance productivity.  We also provide several aspects of informational resources that we have been able to develop within our relationships and networking partnerships that make it much easier than searching through the internet or phone book of trustworthy businesses.


12 Minute Affiliate System 

Call for a free 1 hour no obligation consultation today!

Rene’ P. Manfre (504) 344-3317

Or request a consultation by emailing :

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