Crew Change and Transportation Services



We are locally owned and operated, and take pride in our years of experience. Our courteous, prompt customer service and extensive area of knowledge makes us the ideal source for transport for any occasion.

Our company has taken the next step in travel – providing group transportation that’s dependable, low cost, comfortable, and with the most knowledgeable drivers in the transportation industry.

90% of Gunner Crew Changes business is providing transportation for one to thirty two employees from hotels or office locations to on-site locations, crew boats, helicopter loading facilities, etc. As well as return transportation from ports to your employees’ homes or businesses. We can accommodate single passengers or large groups, and can provide as many vehicles as necessary. Our rates are based on mileage and vehicle type. Gunner can provide mid-size cars (up to 3 passengers) , SUVs (1-5 passengers), Our vans, which can accommodate up to 8, 9 or 10 passengers, are special ordered with bucket seating for added passenger comfort and Gunners buses accommodate up to 32 passengers. If your crew travels with equipment, a large volume of luggage, or if you need to send small cargo to another location, Gunner has trailers available. Our scheduling experts can help keep your costs down by discussing lay-over options verses separate scheduling for return trips.


Details and Scheduling Please Contact
Rene’ Manfre (504)344-3317 and Scott Dorvan (504)559-8062
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