Life Insurance

What is Term Life Insurance?

Death is the worst emotional loss a family can suffer. All too often, the financial hardship that follows can make that burden seem unbearable. Term life insurance pays your family a cash benefit in the event of your death.

Why is Term Life Insurance so important?

Term life insurance is most important during life event, ie. Starting a family, buying a home or getting married. This is because these events bring a load of new financial responsibility. No one likes death, but what would happen if you died tomorrow? Could your family pay the bills? Could they afford the funeral expenses? Without your support, how would they get by?

It’s not a pleasant subject, but death is often unexpected. Planning ahead is the only way to protect your family from hardship if the unmentionable should occur. More importantly, it’s a way of showing your love and support during their most difficult transition. Let us take a look at the circumstances:

Getting Married – If your spouse’s income is not sufficient to cover all monthly bills, term life insurance can help. Your policy can be arranged to cover any type of debt. Newlyweds typically have a great deal of debt, so you can use term life insurance to protect your spouse and household. This will cost your family far less than other life insurance alternatives.

Starting a Family – Having kids can be very exciting but children also bring an entirely different set financial responsibility. A term life insurance provided by National Agents Alliance can be used to protect your children financially in the event of wrongful death. Someone will need to pay for school expenses, food, clothing, and housing if your income is suddenly gone. Having this assurance for your loved ones could be vital to their future. In most cases, term life is affordable and will only require minimal monthly payments.

Buying a Home – Many families use term life insurance to cover the length of a mortgage. For example, if you buy a 200,000 home on a 30 year mortgage, it is wise to purchase term life insurance to cover the length of the mortgage. If you drop dead, your family will not be stuck with the burden of the mortgage debt.

You can obtain a free term life insurance quote by filling out the form below. Our team of highly skilled term life insurance specialists will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and coverage needs.

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